How do I play?

You will need:
  • The Metamask Chrome browser extension, Trust Wallet ( mobile ) or other Moonriver compatibile wallet
  • A balance of MOVR ( the cryptocurrency of Moonriver ) from KuCoin or Kraken U.S
You may then Log in with your wallet and Shop for Booster cards, buy limited edition cards and claim Free limited editions cards from the Minting Shop. You may then browse the contents of Your NFT Crypt , sacrifice cards from your Crypt for ZOOM tokens, or gift them to other Moonriver wallets. If you would like to auction your Zoombies NFTs , you may list them on supported marketplaces . You can also trade and sell your ZOOM on supported Moonriver token exchanges.

How do I read the cards?

How can I get MOVR?

You will need to buy MOVR or have it sent to your wallet. For more information, follow the offical Announcements from the Moonbeam Foundation. You can trade for MOVR tokens at these exchanges KuCoin or Kraken.
As of this writing, the transaction cost (gas) by Moonriver blockchain to interact with Zoombies will cost approx $0.002 to $0.30 USD per transaction, depending on how fast you would like the transactions confirmed and what exactly you are trying to do. This fee is not charged by the Zoombies contract, but by the Moonriver platform to execute contract code for you by you on this massive worldscale blockchain.

What are sponsor affiliates?

The Zoombies World will reward sponsors who have been associated to an affiliate. This affiliation is permanent and cannot be unmade. You may only have 1 sponsor, but may have any number of affiliates. There are a number of affiliate player actions that will generate a 20% ZOOMBIE
zoom coin
token reward for their sponsor.
  • Buy Booster Credits
  • Buy and Mint a Booster NFT
  • Mint a limited edition card from the Shop
  • Mint a Free limited edition card from the Shop
Click the Sponsors link in the menu to copy your Afilliate URL to share with others and start earning ZOOM tokens today!

What are ZOOM and NFT Tokens?

The Zoombies World utilize 2 types of ERC type tokens:
zoom coin
ZOOM Tokens are ERC-20 Fungible tokens. This means that any ZOOM is exchangeable with any other ZOOM token and none are unique. If your wallet contains a sufficient amount of ZOOM tokens each Shop card will automatically determine if it will unlock and display the FREE minting button and cost pricing values. If you do Not have the required Zoom token balance a
Fast Pass icon will appear on the minting button, as a way to bypass the Zoom requirement to mint NFT at 3x the base cost. Each Shop card displays the amount of ZOOM required to unlock this feature in the bottom left.
A future utility will include ZOOM as something like health points in battle for example.
Zoombies the cards themselves are ERC-721 Non-Fungible tokens (NFTs). This means that each card is minted as a unique NFT token. Even the Unlimited Booster cards that are minted in an infinite supply are each unique, they have a unique token number and a unique edition number.

How many types of Zoombies are there are how are they released?

The Shop will show you the current total number of Zoombies types available at the current time. We will continue to load new sets containing approx 10-20 cards every month until we reach the hard limit of a total of 5000 types. The Zoombies contracts do not allow anyone to edit or overwrite a card types definition once they have been loaded.
New types released to the Shop will appear immediately. New types loaded in the boosters, will only be indicated by a type count increase, but are available to be randomly minted immediately.

Shop card release countdown

When new types are released to the Shop, the minting button will display a countdown timer to the moment the card will be unlocked for minting. Please note the timer you see on the screen may be off by a few seconds due to differences in your device load and memory. We advise that you browse away and back to the Shop about 10 seconds before they release to re-sync your browser timing. The actual moment a card type is released for minting is determined by the smart contract, this website is giving you the best approximation of that moment.

What is the difference between unlimited and limited edition cards?

  • An Unlimited edition NFT card type will ONLY appear in the booster cards. These cards have an edition number starting at #1 and count up infinitely.
  • A limited edition NFT card have a finite amount that will ever be created. You will see the current edition number on the NFT in a format like : #2 of 6. All Shop cards are limited edition.
    The boosters contain a number of limited edition cards, If you pull one of these, count yourself lucky !

Can I get more ZOOM Tokens?

There are multiple ways in which you can get ZOOM
zoom coin