Introducing Zoombies' Innovative Affiliate Dashboard: Revolutionizing Passive Token Earning Opportunities on Moonbeam
Zoombies.world is thrilled to announce the launch of their cutting-edge ZOOM Token affiliate dashboard. This revolutionary tool aims to empower players by maximizing their in-game token income potential through a seamless and user-friendly experience.
Zoombies' on-chain affiliate network allows individuals to share their unique affiliate links with others, enabling them to become sponsors and generate the in-game ZOOM token passively from their sponsored actions. The network has no limits, allowing users to expand their affiliates indefinitely. With each new member added, the potential for earnings increases exponentially.
Zoombies.world Launches Next Generation NFT Collectible Trading Game on Polkadot’s Moonbeam Network
Zoombies.world, the blockchain-based gaming company, is excited to announce the launch of the next-generation NFT collectible trading game on the Moonbeam network.
The game introduces improved tokenomics that will increase the value of the ZOOM token as well as a brand new NFT card collection that features artwork that is exclusive to the Moonbeam network. The new cards will add even more variety and uniqueness to the game, giving players more options to collect and trade.

Largest Moonriver NFT collection aims to unlock valuable insights

As a proud recipient of the SubQuery Grants Program, Cardinal Entertainment has leveraged this leading indexing solution to focus efforts on deepening its NFT owner insights for it’s Zoombies game in the Kusama ecosystem. Full article
Distributed June 1, 2022 By Digital Journal

Zoombies World to Launch No Commission Royalty Standard NFT Market on Moonriver

A new marketplace for non-fungible tokens is coming soon to Moonriver. Full article
Distributed January 5, 2022 By MarketWatch
Moonlist ZOOM token farm launch

Moonlit Farm Launch and Introducing Community Farm with PolkaPets and Zoombies World

Hello Convergers and Moonriver Community! We are excited to share with you the launch of Moonlit Farm — yield-farming pools on Moonlit Finance built by Convergence Finance, powered by Moonriver Network. Full article
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Moonbeam Universe: Meet the Zoombies Team

In this session, join Ryan from the Zoombies team and Chris, Moonbeam Senior Ambassador, in a conversation about Zoombies, NFT collectible trading cards that provide a unique gamified NFT experience! Full article
Distributed December 13, 2021 CyberBump
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Virtual economy aims to create a Disneyworld of NFTs for adults

Shaped by computer entertainment, a now growing population of digital citizens seek social and economic gameplay opportunities. Full article
Distributed November 26, 2021 By CoinTelegraph
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Zoombies World Announces Early Adopters VIP Status With Land NFT Bonus

Time is quickly counting down to gain Early Adopters VIP Status in Zoombies.World Moonriver and claim a bonus NFT piece of premium land in the upcoming Zoombies World Settlements. Full article
Distributed November 1, 2021 by Marketers Media

MoonRiver FIRST NFT PROJECT Zoombies might pull a CryptoPunks on ya!

Zoombies just went live today on Moonriver and its a well kept secret...well at least for now, but you know how we like to do it and attack it first and set the trends! This thing is live right now but is limited to a maximum of 1000 wallets at the time of this live stream there are only 800 wallets left available to get in, use the link below to get zoom tokens you will need to purchase them with Moonriver to better your chances of getting rare NFT cards.
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Cardinal Entertainment Launching Play2Earn Zoombies NFT World on Moonriver Blockchain

Cardinal Entertainment launches much anticipated play2earn Zoombies NFT minting collection on Moonriver blockchain with liquidity token sale opening September 1, 2021 14:00 UTC Full article
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Sample Moonriver Zoombies shop NFT card for sale

Cardinal Entertainment Launches Play-To-Earn NFT Game Zoombies in Open Beta for Savvy Early Adopters

August 5, 2021–Cardinal Entertainment announces the launch of Zoombies Open Beta, fully functional play-to-earn model in the rapidly growing gamified NFT space Full article
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Zoombies NFT Minting Game Launches on Polkadot’s Kusama Network Via Moonriver/Moonbeam

Cardinal Entertainment announces the Q3-2021 launch of Zoombies, an innovative NFT minting opportunity built on Moonriver. Full article
Distributed June 24, 2021 By NFTNewswire
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