Open the Gate

Open the Gate is still being developed. Beta launch on Moonbeam blockchain is scheduled for Q2 2023
Open the Gate is a MOBA style game that pits 2 factions against each other in a race to be the first to collect all the artifacts and unlock the gate.
Your ZOOM Tokens and Zoombies NFT cards come alive as power-ups
and magic to help your faction win rounds and collect bonuses on the Zoombies Battle Ground.

Battle Lobby

The battle lobby contains online battle ready players and matchmaking for battles.
Players can:
  • Create a new match
  • Propose a wager
  • Join a match as player or spectator
  • List opponents
  • Chat with their team or in a general game chat

Battle Arena

The Battle Arena will be host to Open the Gate - a MOBA style game that pits 2 factions (teams) against each other in a race to claim the crystal
skull. Teams rush to collect all the artifacts on their battle field, unlock the key
and make it to the centre of the map where they can Open the Gate and collect the skull to win. This is a timed race - if time runs out - both teams lose.
Before the battle begins, players can choose Power Ups to use during the battle. These can be used any time and are one time use only. Each power up lasts for a few seconds and applies only to the opponents that are near the player or opponents that a player directly attacks. Power-Up packs will be available from the shop for ZOOM or GLMR.
Players can also apply Card Magic to their round by staking their NFT Zoombies Cards for the round. Card Magic can be played at any time during the battle and affects the entire opponent's team. Examples of available Card Magic abilities include: Catastrophe Magic, Extreme Weather Magic, Plant Enchantment Magic, Animal Attack Magic and more. Cards are returned to the player after the round is completed. Cards are never lost in battle.
The level and affect of Card Magic is dependent on the NFT Card Types that are required in order activate. For example, Epic Cards carry more powerful Card Magic than Uncommon Cards.
More Battle Highlights:
  • Free to play
  • Powerups can be purchased with ZOOM and/or GLMR
  • Players can wager in ZOOM - the ZOOM goes into a community pot - the winner takes back their wager plus their share of the other teams ZOOM, minus a % that is retained for the ZOOM Treasury and an additional % burned by the house. If time runs out, all of the ZOOM is burned.
  • Spectator betting - non-battling players can watch and see what power ups, Card Magic and wagers the battling players have set for a match and place bets on the outcome. Bet on whether the game will time out as well.

Battle ZOOM Treasury

The Treasury ZOOM pot that accumulates from battles will be used for game liquidity pools, Zoombies mini-game rewards and other utilities that the Zoombies community sees fit.