Minting Zoombies NFTs

Step 3. Mint Zoombies NFTS on Moonriver
Excellent, you are ready to mint your NFTs and build your Zoombies collection! There are four rarity types of Zoombies NFT Cards: Uncommon, Common, Rare & Epic. Each card also has an edition number and level. Cards can be a Plant, Animal, Person or Thing and each card has a ZOOM burn amount. Players can collect this ZOOM burn amount if they choose to sacrifice the NFT card, destroying it forever.
There are two ways to mint Zoombies NFT Cards: buying them in the Shop or winning them in the Lucky Strike Booster Roll Game. On the top right corner of each card, there is a shop
symbol or a booster
symbol to indicate how the card was minted.
Shop Cards The Shop is the place to mint limited edition Zoombies Cards NFT tokens. Some cards are free, some have a cost. If you want to buy a limited edition Zoombies NFT from the Shop, you will need the required minimum balance of ZOOM tokens displayed on the bottom of the card. Each card in the Shop also has a Fast Pass
price which allows you to bypass the ZOOM requirement and buy the card immediately (on non-Free cards only). Your newly minted NFT will appear in your NFT Crypt once the transaction is confirmed.
Booster Cards You may also play the Lucky Strike Booster Roll game to mint a random booster edition NFT token. There are two ways to get booster credits: buy buying them and by collecting them for FREE! Every player receives FREE Booster Credits every day! Simply return to the game daily to collect them.