Player VS Player

Player VS Player mini-games are still being developed. Beta launch on Moonbeam blockchain is scheduled for Q2 2023
Zoombies Battle Arena will be host to mini-games that allow players to stake their Zoombies NFT Cards and ZOOM to win.
Bonez Card Game The first of these games is the ZOOMBIES BONEZ CARD GAME. Your Zoombies NFT cards help you win against your opponents and claim the ZOOM pot in BONEZ! Bonez is a Zoombies World player vs player card game.
Bonez Card Game
Open the Gate
The next of these games is Open the Gate - a MOBA style game that pits 2 factions (teams) against each other in a race to claim the crystal skull. Teams rush to collect all of the artifacts on their battle field, unlock the key and make it to the centre of the map where they can Open the Gate and collect the skull to win. This is a timed race - if time runs out - both teams lose. Your ZOOM Tokens and Zoombies NFT cards come alive as power-ups and magic to help your faction win rounds and collect bonuses on the Zoombies Battle Ground.