ZOOM & NFT Card Metrics

There are several places you can go in the game to view statistics on NFT cards or ZOOM:
Zoombies App Home Page The following metrics are available on the App home page:
• A Zoom Token inflation/deflation graph shows the mint and burn rate for the in-game Zoom Token
• A Zoombies NFT Scarcity Rating Tool helps players rank the rarity and scarcity of their NFT among the entire Zoombies collection
• A Zoombies NFT Catalog that allows a player to see which NFTs they own and which NFTs are not yet minted in the game
• A Zoombies Live Dashboard outlining the latest, up to the minute NFT and Zoom Token economics
Zoombies App "View" Page On the View page, players can enter a Zoombies NFT Card ID number (located on the back of the card) to view real time metrics on that card.
Card Sets App Page You can view all of the available Zoombies cards and card sets on the Card Sets page. Cards are grouped into sets and may contain any combination of rarity, store and booster, limited and unlimited edition minting.
Last modified 1yr ago